Solar System Galaxy Gemstone Bracelet

Solar System Galaxy Gemstone Bracelet

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Solar System Galaxy Gemstone Bracelet | The Life Divine

The planets of our Solar System are all beautifully represented on our stunning Solar System Galaxy Gemstone Bracelet. 

Sun- Citrine- Intuition and Self Confidence

Mercury- Larvakite- Cleansing and Clarity

Venus- Pyrite- Protection and Shielding

Earth- Imperial Jasper- Healing and Tranquility

Mars- Carnelian-Creativity and Courage

Jupiter- Tiger Eye-Courage and Intuition

Saturn- Picture Jasper- Strength and Balance

Uranus-Aquamarine- Calming, Soothing and Cleansing

Neptune-Lapis- Power and Wisdom 

Pluto- Hematite- Grounding and Balance

Against a backdrop of 5mm shimmery Blue Goldstone beads representing a star filled evening sky. Night Sky- Blue Goldstone- Good Health and Vitality

Mixed Metal Spacers with 5mm and 8mm gemstone beads strung on an elastic cord, fitting a 7.5" wrist comfortably.

Due to the nature of gemstones, no two will be alike making each piece unique. Please expect slight variations in color from the item shown.

Description card included with each bracelet.

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Lady Orn

These are real crystals. I did some checking and I feel these are legit crystals. Very splendid quality and feeling with receiving this beautiful bracelet! The care and attention to detail is absolutely wonderful and I will for sure be purchasing from here again!