Mother Earth Candle
Mother Earth Candle
Mother Earth Candle
Mother Earth Candle
Mother Earth Candle
Mother Earth Candle

Mother Earth Candle

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Mother Earth Candle | The Life Divine

This beautiful candle is inspired by and dedicated to our Sweet Mother Earth, as a reminder of our gratitude for her beauty and bounty.
“When we took Earthkeeper vows, we agreed to join in the creation of the kind of earth that we want our children’s children to inherit—a world where the rivers are clean, the air is pure, where we live in peace with each other, and where beauty and joy predominate; a planet where the experiment of life can continue in extraordinary and undreamt-of ways.“ -Alberto Villoldo

We were Inspired by the Four Directions of the Inca Medicine Wheel, a map for healing, when we created this series of Shamanic Candles. Each candle is perfect for a sacred altar or to accompany your Mesa, especially when working with clients during a session. Each Shamanic Energy Medicine candle is energetically charged and features a direction with it’s corresponding power animal.

Front - Image of Mother Earth

Back -      Pachamama

                Mother Earth
   Thank you for holding us so
 We honor you and pray for the
  healing of all of your children.
   The stone people, the plant
   people, the four-legged, the
two-legged, the creepy crawlers,
 the finned, the furred, and the
               winged ones.
    All of our relations, all our
         Brothers and Sisters.
           Thank you Mother.

The artwork is printed directly onto the milky-white glass vessel to give a crisp, clean look to each candle.

100% Pure Soy Wax
Natural Green Tea Fragrance
Lead-free cotton wick
11.5 oz. Candle 75-80 hrs burn time
Includes bamboo lid
3.5” W x 4” H

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