Thank You Memorial Candle

Thank You Memorial Candle

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Thank You Memorial Candle | The Life Divine

Candle with the quote-

Thank you for the gift
Of your beautiful life.
Thank you for allowing me
To share it with you.
You are one of my life’s
Greatest blessings.
My soul thanks you
And I am forever grateful.
I wish you grace and peace
On your journey
And may I somehow find my way
Through this sadness
In your absence.
It has been my privilege
to love you.
I miss you
and I will love you always.

Lighting a memorial candle is a custom found in many traditions throughout the world. It is a perfect companion for meditation and prayer. Our candles are symbols of remembrance that offer comfort to those who are mourning the loss of a family member, friend or beloved pet. Divine Light Candles may also be used to commemorate an anniversary of a passing, the perfect gift of comfort.

The sentiment found on the label of each Divine Light candle is removable and can be reapplied to any surface. This scentless sympathy candle will burn for 72 hours. Presented in a custom Gift Box.
5.25" H x 2.50" W