Shaman’s Dawn Calming Candle

Shaman’s Dawn Calming Candle

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Shaman's Dawn Calming Candle | The Life Divine

This candle was created with the intention of relaxation, calming the mind, creating a soothing atmosphere and to promote emotional healing.

Shaman's Dawn Calming Soy Candles are hand poured with non-GMO soy wax and contain essential oils and fragrances.

Created with lavender and ylang ylang essential oil’s, the fragrance of the Calming candle has a lavender scent with jasmine undertones.

Through prayer and shamanic ceremony each candle is charged and labeled with a shamanic healing symbol that embodies its specific healing intentions.

The Calming candle is in a jar measuring 6”H x 3.5” W and burn time is approximately 50 hours.